LiQuiTube Tire Sealant

LiQuiTube™ - The Unique Tire Sealant

  • Reduces downtime, lost man hours & eliminates tire repair costs
  • Aids heavy truck tire balance, keeps tires cooler & improves fuel efficiency
  • Never dries out, will not rust or pit rims & does not damage rubber
  • 95% effective in tubeless tires, less effective in tires with tubes
  • Recommended for "E" rated (10 ply) tires or higher and 19 1/2" rims or larger
  • Not recommended for light duty passenger vehicle tires
  • Not recommended for tires with valve mounted pressure sensors

How Liquitube tire sealant works

LiQuiTube vs Traditional Tire Tubes LiQuiTube any better than a regular inner tube?

  • A rubber tire tube is great until the first puncture...LiQuiTube seals hundreds of punctures
  • To install an inner tube you must fully deflate and partially remove the tire...LiQuiTube pumps right in through the valve stem, you don't even need to fully deflate the tire (much faster)
  • LiQuiTube and a rubber inner tube have a similar cost...but LiQuiTube will provide protection for the life of the tire

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LiQuiTube Product Info

NEW! LiQuiTube in Easy-to-Use Bags!

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LiQuiTube for Center Pivot Irrigation System Tires

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Not All Tire Sealants Are The Same

Why The Way They Are Made Makes All The Difference

photo of slimy and goopy tire sealant from inside used wheels

When judging tire sealants, it is important to understand that only Liquitube is made with a multi-stage, heat mixing process.  This special process makes Liquitube unique in how it works, how long it lasts, and other factors.  All other tire sealants are "cold-mixed" products, which limits their abilities and their effective life.

date icon
Shelf Life

Unlike cold-mix sealants, Liquitube has NO known shelf-life and stays liquid for the life of the tire, guaranteed.

tire pressure icon
Fully Coated

Unlike cold-mix sealants, Liquitube actively coats every square inch of the inside of the tire and rim, sealing ALL forms of air loss.

temperature icon
Temperature Range

Unlike cold-mix sealants. Liquitube remains effective from as low as 50 below zero and as high as 200 degrees.

tire puncture icon

Unlike cold-mix sealants, Liquitube seals 1/4" punctures in ANY tire, and 3/4" punctures in heavy ply tires.

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What Mess?

Unlike cold-mix sealants, Liquitube will not dry out in the tire, or make a mess when the tire is removed from the rim.

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Safe & Washable

Unlike cold-mix sealants, Liquitube washes off completely with water, and meets EPA guidelines for municipal disposal.

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Lifetime Guarantee

Unlike cold-mix sealants, Liquitube has a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!

Have tire leaks? Try Liquitube with NO risk.
It works, or your money back!

watsontown trucking company tire sealant

Kindly allow me to tell you about a tire sealant our company, Watsontown Trucking, has tested and were very impressed with.

We put around 8 different types of screws into a tire and then added LiQuiTube Tire Sealant to see what would happen. In our test it took several revolutions then the LiQuiTube sealed all the punctures caused by the screws in the tire.

So, next we ordered (2) 55-gallon drums of LiQuiTube and several months later we ordered a 275-gallon tote. Watsontown Trucking has 300 tractors and 1,300 trailers and we cannot afford downtime or road calls. We have customers across the east coast that we service, and we need to meet their deadlines daily.

Plus, the safety LiQuiTube adds for our drivers is huge. Thank You.

Larry Bieber
Continuous Improvement Manager
Watsontown Trucking Company
Family Owned Since 1941
Milton, PA 17847

Ride, Work, And Play With Confidence

LiQuiTube provides peace of mind and more fun in all your outdoor activities!

For all your ATV, Mowing, and Equipment needs, find your local LiQuiTube dealer.

Liquitube Tire Sealant has worked amazingly well for our farm UTVs (which are actually retrofitted GeoTrackers). We run them hard, but the tire sealant does the job and we have no trouble with flats or even slow leaks. It’s the way to go!

Rodrick Shank
The Family Cow
Chambersburg, PA

the family cow in pa uses tire sealant

liquitube tire sealant roofing buggy pennsylvania

Since we became a dealer for LiQuiTube Tire Sealant over 3 years ago, we have installed LiQuiTube in about 60% of our new Equipter sales. We also use LiQuiTube on quite a number of Equipter's that we service for our customers and have seen incredible results. We have had so much successful feedback from our customers that I can say: "this is an outstanding product". As one of our repeat customer says: "It has cut our down time due to flat tires to almost nothing." I would highly recommend this product to anyone that has an application when flat tires is a constant issue.

Billy Waldner
Service & Support

equipter logo liquitube tire sealant commercial

Snavely's Mill, Lititz, PA

"We have been using LiquiTube in our fleet for over a year now, and have noticed reduced puncture repairs. Our aluminum rims are not pitted and corroded as with other sealants. We will continue to use this product, and hope to see even more results."

Christian Andersen
Transportation Manager
Snavely's Mill Inc - Lititz, PA

liquitube pettibone construction equipment tire sealant pennsylvania

Power Pro Equipment has added a new product line in all of our 6 locations. We are pleased to be a dealer of LiQuiTube Tire Sealant, the #1 Best Selling Heavy Duty Commercial Tire Sealant in the USA. Power Pro Equipment does a large volume of Pettibone service, repair and rental consistently throughout the year. Prior to being introduced to LiQuiTube Tire Sealant we were spending between $3000 & $4000 per unit in tire repairs. Since implementing LiQuiTube Tire Sealant we have seen a savings of $30,000 a year. Power Pro has seen the benefit of using this product day in and day out from a cost savings perspective, to performance, and operator ride. Our customers have come to appreciate our knowledge of products we use. Many of our customers are investing in LiQuiTube Tire Sealant, and they too are seeing the benefits. Power Pro has seen what this product can do, and the cost saving impact it can have. If you have not tried LiQuiTube Tire Sealant I encourage you to do so.

Dwight Hurst
Power Pro Equipment

power pro equipment liquitube tire sealant

How Does LiQuiTube Benefit Commercial Trucking?

tire sealant for over the road otr trucks like kenworth

What's the #1 reason for OTR breakdowns?
What's the #1 reason for hours lost on OTR breakdowns?
What's the #1 reason for OTR trailer breakdowns?


Underinflation causes:

seperations, circumferential breaks, higher risk of road hazard, loss of fuel economy, uneven/irregular wear, higher risk of road hazard, higher downtime expense, loss of casing durability

Technology & Maintenance Council air pressure study

The TMC road debris study confirmed again that underinflation due to road hazards or poor maintenance resulted in almost 90% of tire failures.

goodyear truck tires air pressure in pa

Proper tire inflation of radial truck tires is the most important maintenance practice to ensure long tire life. Once proper tire inflation has been determined, it should be maintained at that level as consistently as possible. Underinflation must never be allowed in over-the-road truck tires.

american trucking assosiation otr tire care recommendations

The American Trucking Association says a difference of 10 pounds in air pressure between over-the-road tires can drag the lower pressured tires 13 feet per mile. Tires running 10% under-inflated lose up to 16% of their treat life. Poor inflation rubs away the life of the tire.

us department of transportation

According to a 2006 congressionally mandated TRB study on fuel efficiency, The US Department of Transportation says passenger cars and light trucks use an estimated 130 billion gallons of fuel per year. In addition, the designated economist on this issue estimates that vehicles with underinflated tires waste approximately 1.2 billion gallons of fuel per year due to the increased resistance of the tires.

Another GREAT Benefit of LiQuiTube

liquitube otr tire sealant dutch transport pa

Dutch Transport has been using LiQuiTube Tire Sealant for several years. And it certainly saved us many times from getting nails and screws and punctures we were getting before. The investment is definitely worth the relief from stress and downtime and road calls we had to pay. I would recommend LiQuiTube for any over the road trucking company. The benefits and the down time you save plus longer tire life gives your drivers peace of mind daily.

John Mentzer, Head Mechanic
Dutch Transport, LLC
154 Orlan Road
New Holland, PA 17557

How Does LiQuiTube Benefit Excavation, Mining, and Logging?

tire sealant for mining excavation and logging in pennsylvania
pit and quarry tire performance

Pit & Quarry says, "A sound inflation program is the single most important factor with regard to tire performance. A tire inflated to 70% of ites recommended air pressure will wear out or, most likely, fail during the first 50% of its life."

equipment world tire inflation recommendation

Equipment World says, "Keeping tires at 100% inflation allows them to run at 100% effectiveness. Tire-related costs are the single largest maintenance expense for most contractors and while tire costs are not escapeable they are containable."

goodyear and michelin tire inflation recommendations

Some things to consider are: Tim Good, Goodyear's manager of global accounts, says improper tire inflation increases a contractor's annual new and retread tire costs by about 10%-13%. According to Michelin, if a tire is under-inflated by 20%, the life of the tire decreases by the same percentage. Keeping tires at the target pressure increases the number of hours they last and the equipment runs.

construction equipment tough tire challenge

Construction Equipment says the most important part of a tire is the air, but keeping the proper inflation in every tire is still probably the toughest challenge in maintaining a fleet of wheeled vehicles. Very few do it well, and its expensive. If your tire pressures are 20% off (for example, running 28psi in a tire that should have 35psi), your annual tire costs will be 25% higher than normal. Keep tires at the right pressures and your rubber-tired machines will work cheaper than your competitors.

How Does LiQuiTube Benefit Agriculture, ATVs, Commercial Mowers, and Golf Carts?

LiQuiTube Benefits for Agriculture, ATVs, Commercial Mowers, and Golf Carts
farm industry news proper tire air pressure

Farm Industry News says Firestone, Goodyear, and Titan will all tell you the same thing. "What air is to a tire, oil is to an engine, and water is to a radiator" says Len Wagner, global field engineering manager with Firestone Ag. "If you don't have it in the proper amount, failure can occur." Proper inflation can more than double the life of an ag tire. Underinflation causes the sidewall to deflect more than it was designed to do and will cause permanent failure.

carlisle tires proper tire inflation

Carlisle tires says the worst enemy a tire can have is too little inflation pressure. It can reduce fuel economy through increased rolling resistance. When a tire is under inflated, it reduces tread life through increased wear on the outside edges of the tire. It also generates excessive heat, which reduces tire durability. Uneven wear reduces the useful life of a tire. Soft tires make your equipment work harder.

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