LiQuiTube Extreme Off-Road Tire Sealant

Foam vs. LiQuiTube Comparison

Foam Filled Tire

Liquitube Filled Tire
Ride QualityGenerally more unpleasant ride due to added weight, less flexible tires, and more “out of balance” feelingPrevents air loss and creates a smoother ride
CostExpensive to fill and expensive to remove when tires wear out (tires must be cut off)Less expensive than foam and tires are as easy to remove as untreated tires when worn out
Wear & TearHard on rims, hubs, wheels, bearings, and more stress on axles and suspension

Very little added weight or additional stress

Tractiontires flex much less which hinders good tractionNo decreased flexibility so tires keep good traction
ProtectionExcellent protection from large punctures, holes, and excessive damagesSeals up to 1/4″ punctures in standard tires and 3/4″ punctures in heavy ply tires

How Much Does An 1-1/2″ Puncture Cost You?

Even after an 1-1/2″ puncture, heavy-ply off-road tires are still safe and hold air…

Excellent for off-road ATVs, Skid Steers, Road Graders, Backhoes, Earthmovers/Scrapers, Log Splitters, Wheel Loaders, and Haul Trucks

Photo on right:

Real picture of an off-road tire treated with LiQuiTube Extreme. Still holding air after it had 12 railroad spikes in the tire!

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