LiQuiTube is the #1 Best Selling Heavy Duty Commercial Tire Sealant in the USA

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LiQuiTube Extreme Holds Up In Harsh Conditions:

  • "...keeping the proper inflation in every tire is still probably the toughest challenge in maintaining a fleet of wheeled vehicles." (

Garbage Companies Choose LiQuiTube For:

  • Reduced Down-Time
  • Prevent Lost Man Hours
  • Reduced Tire Expenses
tire sealant for garbage companies in PA, MD, NJ, DE, WV

Farmers Choose LiQuiTube Ballast Seal:

  • Less Expensive Than Foam
  • More Tire Flex For Better Traction
  • Seals Up To 3/4" Punctures In Heavy Ply Tires
tire sealant for combines and farmers in Lancaster and Berks County

Isn’t LiQuiTube just like all the other tire sealants?

No, and here’s why:


Unlike coldmix sealants, LiQuiTube has NO known shelf-life and stays liquid for the life of the tire, guaranteed.


Unlike coldmix sealants, LiQuiTube actively coats every square inch of the inside of the tire and rim, sealing ALL forms of air loss


Unlike coldmix sealants, LiQuiTube seals 1/4” punctures in ANY tire, and 3/4” punctures in heavy ply tires


Unlike coldmix sealants, LiQuiTube will not dry out in the tire, or make a mess when the tire is removed from the rim


Unlike coldmix sealants, LiQuiTube washes off completely with water, and meets EPA guidelines for municipal waste

"You Won't Believe What LiQuiTube Did..."

Recently I spoke with a gentleman who works for a rental company here in Lancaster, PA. He was simply amazed at their results with LiQuiTube. "We use LiQuiTube in all our rental machine tires and you won't believe what LiQuiTube did for a piece of our equipment!", he said. As we continued to talk, he shared this story, "Recently we had a machine returned with 52 nails in 1 tire alone. And it never lost any air!" He mentioned that LiQuiTube consistently saves his company downtime and makes them a very happy customer. They've been using LiQuiTube for many years and said they definately plan to continue.

- Robert Davido, Global Preventive Solutions

LiQuiTube in Steer Tires?

It is proven that LiQuiTube in steer tires is safer than not having LiQuiTube in steer tires based on number of tire failures and blow-outs.

Mark Shasteen / CEO

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liquitube helps prevent tire blowouts

Tire blowouts cause injuries, fatalities, and property damage. Liquitube Premium Tire Sealant reduces the risk of blowouts by making the tire run cooler. It also reduces wear and heat from under-inflation by stopping all types of air loss . For maximum safety and reliability, choose your tire sealant wisely! LiQuiTube, your #1 Tire Sealant, stands head and shoulders above the pack.

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Are Your Tires Balanced Properly?

One of the best things you can do to get the most miles out of your tires is to stay on top of balancing. How frequently should tires be balanced? Should I use wheel weights or internal balancing compounds? Are there best practices a fleet should consider to minimize the impact of tire imbalance?

"We have been using LiQuiTube for about 2 years now. We were hesitant to try it because we have had some bad experience with other products that claimed to seal up tires but really just created more issues. In an effort to attempt to cut cost in our tire repairs we carefully considered, and then made the decision to try LiQuiTube on a few of our rubber tire backhoes. Immediately we saw the effectiveness and installed it in all of our backhoes, wheel loaders, skid loaders, and tractors. LiQuiTube has performed well for us, greatly reducing the costly service calls for punctures, from nails, screws, etc… commonly found on all of our jobsites. Before we would have to send a mechanic to patch or replace tire, now the operator simply pulled the nail or screw out and keeps on running and LiQuidTube seals the hole. We run our machines in the harshest conditions and it’s vital that the down time is as low as possible to keep things moving. LiQuiTube has been a true partner in achieving this goal."

Gary Shepherd, Service Manager
D.H. Funk & Sons LLC
Columbia, PA
(717) 684-0708

Does your tire sealant do this...

LiQuiTube Saved Me Over $20,000 Last Year.

Money that was just walking out the door.

Everyone knows that flat tires are a costly expense. Before I put LiquiTube in my rental fleet, I had no idea just how large that "cost of doing business" actually was. And I certainly didn't know that there was a solution. Until a year ago, we were averaging one flat tire every week on our rental fleet. This is to be expected. People abuse rental equipment - that's why they rent it! Adding up the cost of fixing or replacing the tire, rebating our customer for his downtime and paying my guys to get it done, I conservatively figure that flats were costing me $400 each.

In April 2014, I put LiquiTube in every tire in my rental fleet. I haven't had a flat tire since.

That's just north of $20,000 that your product saved me last year. Money that was just walking out the door. I use this personal story to sell LiquiTube to my customers. Until you paint the picture, people don't realize just how costly flats are to their business. But when we show them the value of LiquiTube as a preventative tire treatment, its an easy product to sell. We will continue to recommend LiquiTube to all of our customers.

Bobcat of Fort Wayne Indiana
Buddy Funk, Owner

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